Hi there,
Thank you for taking time to check out my little spot on the internet.

About me?
I’m a curious, enthusiastic, healthy, creative mind, who loves to inspire and believes that everyone has something big to offer. Being social, fit & healthy, having an open mind, a proper verbal expression and a positive attitude at all times are just some of my standards.

Having a broad knowledge and keeping up-to-date are one of the main reasons you will find me highly active in any social activity. I have the spontaneous skill to always share and speak my mind which manifests my love for writing and sharing. I have a crush on everyone who dares to be and do different, it gives me hope and faith that life is full of unexpected adventures. Helping people to be and live at their full potential is one of the things I live by. I believe that everyone deserves to feel good and I see it as my job to put a little help in there.

I never cared what people might or would think of me, it’s the reason why I prefer to keep my circle small but strong. I’m a wild soul and I believe that the world needs more this kind of energy. With that said, I have absolutely no desire to fit in at all.
The only thing i’m trying to fit in, is my super skinny jeans!

Nice to meet you,
I’m Cinzia.

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