My daily meal plan.

In my previous blog post I shared with you my daily schedule to stay fit, read that first before you start reading this.
My daily schedule to stay fit.

Like I shared before I’m really not the kind of person who’s into counting macro’s, calories and all that kind of stuff. Everything needs to go in a natural flow without being too focussed and stressed about it. This is why any kind of diet never worked for me in the first place because it only lasted for a short period of time. A waste of money, effort and time you put in there. I taught myself the habit to eat at regular times and of course to eat the right things. This used to be my biggest challenge because I skipped meals and never ate at regular times. Too little knowledge and I always thought the less I eat the better. Completely wrong mindset!

So here’s what I eat on a regular day during the week.

7u         Wake up – drink 2 glasses of water with aloe vera
I do this to give myself a metabolic boost to get my day started with good energy. I used to suffer from a bloated feeling and stomach every day, since this became my morning habit I’m no longer bothered by this bloated feeling. Can’t imagine my morning without! I really really love it and the taste is just SO good!

image1 (1)

7:45   Breakfast time
First I have my 7 minute workout together with my group, than I have my breakfast.
You all know that I’m using the Herbalife healthy breakfast for over tree years by now. Despite all the critics and negativity I can only say that this breakfast really changed my life and a lot of others around me as well. It makes me feel really good, I’m full and satisfied, my body gets everything it needs and it keeps my blood sugar level in balance which helps me to not crave for sugars during the day.
Bread, fruit, yoghurt, granola… couldn’t provide me all the nutrients, vitamins and especially proteins that I’m having right now with this breakfast and I think that the results speak for itself, not only physically. I keep my body in shape because I start my day with proteins which helps me to maintain lean muscle. Lean muscle helps you to burn fat even more fast and by only eating bread, yoghurt, fruit… your body will not be able to build lean muscle mass unless you eat 5 eggs every morning but we all know that’s not the smartest thing to do. So know you have a big reason why.

My favorite breakfast recipe;
* 120ML water
* 2 scoops of Formula 1 chocolate
* 2 scoop of PDM (protein drink mix, it’s a milk replacement and provides you more protein)
* 1/2 avocado or banana
* Toppings: coconut flakes, granola, fruit, chia seeds, linseed, honey, oatmeal…


10u    First snack
It’s still pretty early so I prefer to have something sweet as a snack. Most of the time I eat something like greek yoghurt, flat cheese… all high in protein. It comes without any flavor so I don’t like it that much, but I have the perfect solution for that!
Here’s what I do:
I take 2 scoops of flat cheese and 1/2 scoop of greek yoghurt strawberry just for flavor because they have more sugars. I mix them up to have a tasteful flavor and there is no need to worry about the sugars. I like to have some blueberries on top and again chia seeds and linseed to have some extra proteins in my snack. Delicious!


12u       Lunch
I have the privilege to work from home so it’s easy for me to provide myself a good and healthy lunch. Lunch is always the heaviest meal of my day, it includes carbs, healthy fats and proteins. Just like many other people I was always in a rush when I still had my full time job. The thing I did was to cook every evening for 2 days, that way I always had a good lunch with me at work. On sundays I planned my snacks for the whole week just to spare myself from unnecessary stress and things I shouldn’t be eating. Meal prepping is really easy to do and I recommend it to all the people who are in a daily rush from morning until evening.

14u       Second snack
Depending on how hungry I am since my lunch was pretty heavy, I prefer to have a light snack like a protein bar. I’m having the lemon chocolate protein bars from Herbalife, they come in tree different flavors and lemon chocolate is my favorite. It contains 10g of protein and it’s super delicious. There’s always one in my handbag as well, just in case ;-).


16       Third snack
By now I’m getting a little bit more hungry so my snack gets bigger too. I prefer one slice of brown bread or corn waffles with different toppings like cottage cheese, 1/2 avocado and mozzarella. Other things I love to put on are salmon, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, chicken, humus… it depends on what’s in my fridge that day.

18:30    Diner
I already had a heavy meal so I prefer to eat as little carbs possible, but more proteins and greens, except when I’m having a heavy workout that evening. Mostly I’m having a salad or I combine a lot of vegetables all in one bowl with some lean meat or veggie. There’s a lot of inspiration in our 30 days fit plan for those who are following our program.

21u    Late night snack
I have a whole list of all the things that are good to eat as a TV snack. I love to have that “crack” feeling in front of the TV so mostly I’m having raw vegetables like carrots for example. Other things I like to eat;
* Soy nuts
* Cheese cubes
* Soup
* Popcorn (unsweetened)
* Cherry tomatoes
* Cooked egg (only the white part)
* Salmon with cucumber
* Rebuild shake
* Protein pancake
* Pine nuts

All of this is on a regular day and of course there are always exceptions. As you might have noticed I eat pretty much during the day and it’s very important to do so! Daily I have girls who are not getting the results they would like to have just because they are not eating enough. Skipping meals or snacks have a big impact in wether you’re getting results or not. If this is one of your challenges read my blog:
5 mistakes in losing weight.

The only thing I’m paying most attention to is to have enough protein in a day. That’s why I’m able to keep my results without having to go to the gym every single day.
This is just to give you a better idea of what I eat, of course I make sure to have enough variation otherwise it would get very boring.

If there are any questions left about my meal plan I like to hear them from you. Don’t forget that you can always give it a shot for 30 days and learn how to teach yourself some healthy habits together with our fit plan. Fill in link below if you would like to have some guidance.
30 days fit challenge

Thanks again for reading.



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