Why & how I started healthy active lifestyle?


2014 and I was probably the most unhealthy person in the room. Too young to care, followed dance classes 2 to 3 times a week which made me believe I was actually fit, zero energy and too lazy to focus on healthy food and healthy habits, so I was always in for something fast and easy. Fit girls in magazines and on social media looked so unreal which made me think I could never pull it off. I actually thought that spending 5 days a week forcing yourself to go to the gym, having no clue what to do and looking like an idiot going crazy on the treadmill, was the only way to get fit. No thanks. Then there was my absolute ridiculous fear about saying no to all sweets and treats! Life had no meaning only thinking about it. Not to mention all my headaches, grey skin, zero energy and stomach ache on a daily basis started to take its toll. Little did I know it all came from my unhealthy yet active lifestyle. Do you know that feeling when you’re wearing nikes but you just can’t do it? ME!

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Until that one cold saturday morning in october 2014 that would change my life forever.

I knew and felt that something had to change. My body was screaming for help, so I finally decided to do something about it. Back then my best friend and I made a commitment to go and workout outdoors on a regular base. That saturday morning in october 2014 we were ready!

While we were working out, I spotted a little group of people, 5 or 6 I think, working out together. Immediately I was inspired about how they were supporting and motivating each other. Never in my entire life I saw something like it before. A few minutes later a girl from that group came running towards me, Charlotte. I got very anxious because I felt caught staring like an idiot the whole time. Luckily she was super friendly and asked me if I would like to join their workout the next time. Of course I said YES! I was super excited, kept my word and joined them the next week. Best decision ever so far because I’ve never left since.

My first bootcamp october 2014.


For 3 months I joined their workouts and yet I didn’t change anything about my unhealthy lifestyle. Too little knowledge, too busy, too stubborn to admit and so the list goes on. I was full of excuses until I got introduced with the Herbalife healthy breakfast.
At that time I knew that a lot of people were extremely skeptical, and still are today, but it’s in my nature to not care about what others think so I gave it a shot. Back then my boyfriend Michiel was furious when I got excited home with my new plan to get fit and healthy. Just so you know, he already had to deal with 43748 of my other great ideas that I always labeled as a “work in progress” when he was asking about it, except this time was different. Just like many of us, his behavior was based on the opinions of others and I couldn’t deal with it so I gave him a choice. Either way he would support me by giving it a chance and see for himself what it had to offer, or he would just let me do my thing and never say a word about it. Luckily for me he went for the first option. The clue? Too many people are living and acting by the opinions of others instead of pursuing their own believes.

Forever grateful that I kept determined, because the results in our first week were crazy! We couldn’t explain where all this sudden energy came from and for the first time since I can remember, I made it through the week without any headaches or stomach complaints! I was happy, fully charged and felt like I could handle the world! Surprisingly enough, so did Michiel.

We immediately started to share our results with friends and family, even though not all were excited, we were ok with that because we felt that this was already bringing quality to our lives and that we couldn’t ignore. Nobody took us really seriously, but little did they know that one day healthy active lifestyle would be our life goal! The main reason I found it so easy to keep up with this, was the simple fact that this isn’t a diet. We’re both food lovers and love to enjoy life to the fullest and the fact that we could still do that sounded like music to my ears. It where the little adjustments in our daily routine that made the little things big! It helped me to get up every morning in a good mood and to be and do better than yesterday. I’m surrounded by like minded people which makes it very easy to keep my focus and make myself and others proud. What a feeling to look in the mirror and finally smile! It’s one of my biggest life achievements and it’s something I wish for everyone to achieve. Fit looks different on everybody and to live a happy life, it’s very necessary to feel happy and at ease with your body. It’s the only body you have to spend a lifetime with so treat it well.

We’re now 3 years further and still going strong. We even managed to help over 500 other people on their healthy active lifestyle journey. Being able to do this together with so many other people who were once just like me, gives live so much more to live for.

So my only question is, why not?

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